Bespoke Builds – Hufnagel Single Speed

As a designer I am often found in a turtle neck saying things like “Less is more” but I have my reasons. Sure the big box names are working around the clock to figure out how to sell more red, black & white carbon frames with more gears, more batteries and more brakes, but theres always room for a fixed gear in your closet. Why? Is it a zen thing? Maybe. But why ask why? Why do we shave our legs?

Riding fixed on the street requires planning. It’s good to ride a bike that makes you plan ahead. Feel like sprinting for that yellow light? You better plan for it because you’re going to have to work to slow down.

They say you haven’t really explored a city until you’ve done it by bike, but we’ll go a step further and say you haven’t really suffered until you’ve gotten lost on a fixed gear, especially in a nice hilly place like (but not limited to) Seattle.

Pictures and snarky words by Grayson Smith

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