Bespoke Builds – JP’s Eriksen Titanium Commuter

The newest in what is already a deep and beautiful lineup of Bespoke Builds comes to us in a slightly different way: it just walked through the doors at Embro HQ. This one, a Kent Eriksen, was virtually the choice of friends of the owner as much as the owner himself. While JP knew he was looking for Ti, he did a poll of sorts to figure out which builder to use. After the first two answers from trusted friends came back suggesting Kent Eriksen, the poll was closed and the order was placed.

Designed to mirror the geometry of his cyclocross race bikes, the idea behind this Eriksen is rather simple: a weather-proof training bike that sees year-round commuting and plenty of hard training and intervals. This bike sees salt, snow, rain, dirt, gravel, and travel.

Being the kind of guy who would much rather be riding his bike than designing it, JP had a few ideas to share then he set Kent free. Though one major detail remained that Kent didn’t have a hand in: the fork. Walt Works was brought in for this custom job, which included details he’d never done: 140mm post mount rotor and internal generator wiring. Obviously the fork turned out perfectly, it’s beautiful and the finish really is unparalleled.

One of the touches JP insisted on was the pictured generator hub from Schmidt attached to their Edelux light.

Of course I think we’d be missing much of the point of covering this bike if we didn’t talk about the SRAM Force CX1 drivetrain. JP knew from the get-go that this frame would be a rolling test-bed for the viability of CX1 as more than “just” a cyclocross group, in return much data has found it’s way from this Eriksen to SRAM HQ in research of future product possibilities for 1x road applications. Talking about the drivetrain choice led to a lot of number crunching of gear ratios and how a 1x system can be quite easily applied to use on the road in the flatland states.

While JP was happy to chat about cable routing options and fork choices, he’s clearly much more excited about riding the bike than staring at it.

photos and words by Brandon Elliott

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