Bespoke Builds – JWs Seven Axiom SL

This is a hipster bike.

It’s hand made. In small batches. Using some of the best American sourced materials. Right here in the USA. Artisanal.

The Seven Axiom is a bicycle that is produced as well as our species knows how to make a bike (within the restrictions of the UCIs rules) and they’ve been making bikes as a business with this mentality since 1997.

Seven Cycles makes incredible bikes. I remember the first time I’d heard of them, way back in the late 90s when I would visit my local bike shop Pleasant Hill Cyclery looking for a neat new thing I could bolt on to my bike, or at least dream about it. The company stood out because it didn’t. It wasn’t flashy with marketing photos showing a pro team riding its bikes in the TDF. It transcended the racer boy image. It was a little more mature, more subdued. Little did I know of the pro-peloton politics of the 90s and that Titanium was somewhat popular with the big names before Carbon took over.

At the time the concept of a custom made bike didn’t even register with my teenage mind – all I cared about was aluminum and carbon fiber. After all I was riding on a friends borrowed steel Fila (yes, the shoe company) branded bike (which I’ll always have a soft spot for). I didn’t know the difference between a quill or threadless stem.

The fact that they’re still around when the likes of Serotta, Schwinn, Klein, Gary Fisher and several other frame builders (custom or otherwise) have come and gone is a testament to their methodologies and formulas. They’ve figured it out. Not just how to make great bikes but how to sell them and keep a top level custom bike company thriving in an industry with upside down margins.


Seattle has a lot of Sevens rolling around, almost entirely thanks to Cascade Bicycle Studio which built up this one as well. This Axiom belongs to a very nice and very strong friend of mine. Actually, he owns two Sevens. He also owns the Hufnagel we posted the other week.

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