Embrocation Volume 7

It’s been a long time out since our previous print journal. We’ve retooled, reorganized and reinvested in this, our greatest labor of love, Embrocation Cycling Journal, the print issue.

This time out the magazine has a distinctly race-influenced focus, with a first-hand account from the winner of last year’s Red Hook Crit Milano; a genuinely moving portrait gallery from last summer’s Eneco Tour in Belgium; a deeply personal reflection on the journey to becoming a top national rider; and a gorgeous, step-by-step tour of the FMB tubular workshop in France. Volume 7 invites our readers to bask in the glory of cycle sport from a few different perspectives, and offers gritty, up-close-and-personal images of racing and riding, sure to inspire.

Embrocation lives, and we’re delighted at the opportunity to share it with all of you. Thanks for hanging in there with us. In a community this tight, every reader counts, and we feel personally connected to all of you. Really.

Enjoy our seventh issue.



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