Embrocation Volume 8

Embrocation Volume 8 is here, close on the heels of Volume 7 released just a few months ago. Our focus has shifted somewhat for Volume 8, where you will find increased attention on art – from those who make art from used bicycle parts, to those who practice the fine art of the Director Sportif – Volume 8 is about craft and those who labor in the creation of art and life.

We explore this art and the art-makers in intimate behind-the-scenes portraits. From alcohol hazed trips through Como, to passion-fueled artists plying their trade in making fine art from spent parts… from pit mechanics to directors sportif, to those who make their livings on the saddle, to cycling-inspired beverages you’ve never heard of, in Volume 8 we explore the hidden side of just about everything.

Volume 8 is not a summer buyers guide. It does not feature articles about how to lose weight and keep it off. It does not have gear reviews. It does not have a preview of the Tour de France. It is neither laterally stiff nor vertically compliant. It is 108 pages of glorious printed goodness and if you love bikes or art or anyone who labors to produce beautiful things, we think you’ll be smitten with Volume 8.




Contributors: Heather Mcgrath (cover photo), Ricardo Gomez-Perez, James Morrison, Craig Gaulzetti,
e r t z u i ° film, Neil Bezdek, John Watson, Gustavo Cinci, Nick Mashburn, Steve Dennis, Alessandra Mondolfi, Steve Malone,
Phil Gale, Nathaniel Ward, Jeremy Jo, Josh Garlich, Tyler Evans, Mike Ramponi, Max Lee, Scott Fraumeni, Lauren Trout, Amos Worth, Shontell Gauthier, Stephen Pierce, Colin Murphy, Evan Cooper, Jackson Weber, Peter Bowring, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Alan J. Crossley, Carlos Montoya, Susan Margot Ecker, Jeff Williams, Anton Koovit, Natalia Boltukhova

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