Embrocation Volume 9

Followers of Embrocation will notice that we’ve shifted focus in the past few months. In addition to our publication efforts, you can see here on our website that we have moved toward becoming a top purveyor of cycling goods – hard goods, specifically bicycles and wheels. Those bicycles, wheels and other goods are, by and large, of the bespoke handmade variety. This world of high-end, handmade bicycles is one with which we’re intimately familiar. All of us here at Embrocation have at least some history as shop rats, mechanics, bike designers and builders. We came of age ensconced in the bicycle making craft and all its subsets, subcultures and personalities. This bred within us an abiding love of riding machines crafted by the human hand, engineered by the human brain, and inspired by the all-too-human soul. It’s in this world that we have lived and co-existed with the most revered names in the handmade bicycle scene and those struggling with nothing more than talent and ambition to make a name for themselves. We’re pleased to call many of these makers friends, and we’re honored to lend our voice and words to espousing the virtues of handmade bicycle products, and simply getting butts on saddles. Beneath each of these saddles lie machines conceived for a specific purpose, forged by specific hands, attached to a person with whom you can carry on a substantive conversation.

Embrocation Cycling Journal is, and has always been, a handmade magazine. It is the printed extension of our passion for bicycles, the cycling community, and those who have pledged their lives to the same mindset we share. Each volume is no less forged from hand than your favorite lugged steel frame, and no less extensively tested, refined, cried for, bled on, agonized over. Our contributors, designers and editors give more of themselves than any money can possibly repay. We have tried to present something unique in our pages; something real, visceral, sometimes silly – always entertaining. Like a handmade bicycle, our journal is imperfect, irregular; each one different than the last and every one a singular experience. We hope will continue to enjoy the ride.

Embrocation Volume 9 is 108 pages, printed in the US by a printer using recycled paper and powered exclusively by wind.



Contributors: Heather Mcgrath, Justin Keena (cover photo), Nikita Piautsou-Rehfeldt, Brian Morgan, Janet Pearch, Dave Chiu, Jeremy Jo, Joshua Garlich, Zahariz Khuzaimah, Nathaniel Ward, Kevin Wolfson, Gregory Ralich, Mukunda Feldman, Bert Tosh, Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, e r t z u i ° film, Alessandra Mondolfi, Phil Gale, Ryan Parks, Tyler Evans, Natalia Boltukhova.

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