EspressoBar I LOVE COFFEE – Sint-Jakobstraat 10, Brugge, Belgium

Should you happen to find yourself in Brugge, Belgium, I’d suggest taking a short walk off the Grote Market on the cobbled lane to this shop. Luck would have it that my lodging in Brugge was less than 100 meters from the door of EBILC, and after waking in the morning for whatever lay ahead, a stop here was always crucial. Like their sign says, “Life is too short for bad coffee” and I couldn’t agree more.

The door handle is a portafilter assembly. The over-counter lamp shades are fashioned from spoons. It’s industrial, but not cold and sparse. Exposed brick, unfinished light wood, and stainless steel. Shelving is lit unobtrusively from behind and is unblocked by browsing the tea selections. The vibe I got is that people who live in Brugge go here even though it’s very close to the tourist area.

As for the coffee itself, I don’t know where it came from – there were varieties from El Salvador, Kenya, Ethiopia and more. Rather than ponder the most suitable origin to kick off my day, I was dedicated more to consumption. What I can tell you is that it was prepared with care and properly tasty. As the weather was favorable we took our espressos, lattes, and little cookies out on the back patio. Sun, shade, and seating in abundance.

We’d wished to stop in again on the morning of De Ronde on our way down to the sign-in, but sadly EBILC is closed on Sundays; following them on Facebook doesn’t have the same sensations.

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