Hand Wash

Embrocation Team member Dan Langois sent this little piece along to me a couple weeks ago. It speaks to me as it’s sure to do with anyone who’s worked in a bike shop._

It’s no secret that working in a bike shop is some dirty work. Throughout a day stacked high with an unrelenting workload, I find myself constantly heading to the shop bathroom for a quick scrub before I make any drastic moves, like say, touching my face of something. To be sure, these washes are strictly maintenance; meant to stave off a horrendous build up of grime and filth enough that I might conduct myself in some semblance of a professional manner.

Those washes are for all of you, dear customers. The one that is absolutely mine is the Friday night wash. Embrocation team member Dan Langois sent this little piece over to me a couple weeks back.

Whatever you may have on your agenda for Saturday morning, whether it’s a race or another arbitrary event. Maybe you’ll be back at work getting elbow deep in bike filth again. All that is beside the point; Friday night is always yours. It’s the time where you’ve got to give the scrubbing everything you’ve got left in you. It’s time to get clean.

1 Enjoy the silence of a freshly closed, cleaned, and customer free shop.

2- Pre-wash with your favorite de-greaser, apply liberally and scrub up. You’re really going to want to get up to the elbows. A commonly missed spot is always the inner forearm.

3- Hit the bathroom and get acquainted with some type of pumice soap, for this I like a good citrus based concoction. Get down deep and dig your nails into your palm and really drag out that grit and dead skin.

4- The Nails. This is important. You don’t want to take work home with you, and definitely not on a date. Remember tonight you want to look at your hands and forget the travails of the day. Wipe any trace of work off of you. You’re getting out.

5- Details. Don’t skimp here. Get out the dish soap and wash one more time. You’ve come this far and you’re almost out the door. It’s not the time to cut corners. Finish off right.

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