Sunday at Cyclocross Nationals 2014

The weekend came to a close with some of the best weather and the fastest course conditions. Each of the races of the day were on rock-hard, bumpy, and dry conditions. Powers lead from the gun, he put some of the advantage with spending the previous month at elevation to acclimate.

All weekend racing was not only competitive, but friendly. Racers pushed each other to levels they may not have known they had, but after the bell lap all shook hands and congratulated their competitors.

Boulder did a great job hosting such an incredible event. From Valmont’s excellent course, to Boulder’s welcoming Pearl Street shops, to pit crews and tent city, the weekend was filled with top-tier racing and parties every night. Let’s hope Austin takes some cues from Boulder for 2015.

photos by Nicholas Gajewski, Gavin Gould, Joshua Alexandre Haines, and Brandon Elliott

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